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The Tree House on the Hill

Adventure / Treehouses

Background Our clients had a lovely woodland down the road from their property, in a small Hamlet on the edge of the Cotswolds. There was a steep incline to struggle on each day, but a journey to the top afforded the visitor a view through the canopy with a real feeling of height before even getting off the ground. We utilised this by placing the Tree house on the edge of the drop, with the main platform extending out over the hill.

Within the Castle Walls

Adventure / All the Family / Treehouses

A beautiful listed mansion house that had been lovingly renovated apart from the last of the 4 walled triangles that flanked the Stately Home. This area had been designated for the children and our client wanted a unique play space ensconced within.

Tree Top Life

All the Family / Garden Retreats / Treehouse Magic / Treehouses

Our clients wanted a treehouse for themselves and their kids to enjoy the unused space between two large Beech trees in their garden. The added elevation of the raised platform afforded some wonderful views across open fields flanking their property

Garden Play Tree House

All the Family / Tree Play / Treehouse Magic / Treehouses

We were requested to design a Tree house around the large Sycamore in the garden. But unfortunately the Tree Surgeon condemned it and it had to be chopped back to a stump. Not deterred, the Tree House dream continued as we mounted this wonderful structure and play equipment on the trunk at the end of the garden.

Little Hideaway

Treehouse Magic

The ‘’Little Hideaway’’ offers magical outdoor space for children to play in that is attractive, safe, durable and cost effective. The great advantage of the ‘’Little Hideaway’’ is it flexibility; it can be built on either sloping or flat ground and can be also tailored-made to suit your site and requirements.

Garden Play Area

Treehouse Magic

The Family had 2 young children and wanted small rustic and magical Treehouse to capture the imaginations of their children and get them out into the garden – whilst also be challenging enough for them to grow into and have years of fun. Added to this we had to be mindful of the planning restrictions of the area – being in a conservation area.

Suffolk Jungle Bridge

Tree Play

Having been recommended by a previous client, this family were looking for some adventure platforms amongst some mature trees on the edge of their lawn in view of the main house. They had active children, 1 girl and 1 boy. One of the children required help with motor skill development, so need challenging yet safe activity.

Outdoor Living

Garden Retreats

When the client’s son mentioned that he had definitely grown out of the wendy house and his parents decided to rekindle their dream of owning a tree house, we were called in to discuss the possibilities. A bespoke tree house was a natural addition to the gypsy caravan, carefully designed outdoor entertaining areas and lovingly tended garden.

Children’s Treehouses & Playhouses

Treehouse Magic

Here are a variety of our smaller children’s tree houses and playhouses. They are all created with the same target in mind - to achieve a natural and attractive structure that blends well into your garden, and which provides fun and encourages imaginative play.

Children’s Play

Treehouse Magic

As part of the garden redesign process our client was interested in including a lower level tree house and play structure for their small children.

A Space for Camping and Adventure

Garden Retreats

The family had been camping together for years and years, graduating from tent to yurt, and any other covered shelter possible. They came to us with a brief to create a tree house which they could all enjoy as an escape space, in which they could feasibly all camp out and which had adventurous features.

Tree Climbing Adventure

Tree Play

The series includes natural wooden climbing blocks to get them up onto the first challenge, trapeze bars (to hang down from), jungle bars (to walk across.....!), V bridge - Indiana Jones style - knotted ropes (Tarzan?) and a rope-net hammock strung amongst the branches of an apple tree.

Garden Eco Lodge

Garden Retreats

An inspirational client and an inspirational project background. This UK Charity, working for world peace and empowerment of young people, came to us with a desire to create a peaceful garden retreat on their site in the Forest of Dean.

Action and Adventure


It was essential that the whole tree house scheme had plenty of activities and encouraged movement around the different elements. Several children should be happily entertained at the same time, and of course safety was an important consideration. Our client was also justifiably proud of his garden and so the scheme needed to work well with the overall landscape and existing trees.

Willow Treehouse

Treehouse Magic

With a wonderful Willow Tree in the garden, and three young girls. The owners wanted a Treehouse that was quirky, but able to blend into the Trees Canopy so not to be too conspicuous. Most importantly a zip wire launch from Treehouse platform so the girls could run back and forth expending energy.

Shingle and Shake

Treehouse Magic

A glorious tree house project to design - it gave us the opportunity to create a whole new feel to this woodland area: from scrubland to magical natural outdoor play, with our tree house complementing the other features introduced by the garden designer - willow tunnels, wild meadows and natural pathways.

Quirky Play

Treehouse Magic

We were asked to design a quirky tree house which fitted into the tree line and provided lots of varied climbing equipment to play on. Their youngest had already developed a love of climbing and they wanted to get him elevated off the ground in a safe, fun environment.

Woodland Retreat

All the Family

We were asked to design something that would let the children traverse the woodland safely at height with the focal point being a good sized treehouse with a mezzanine that can sleep up to 6 children. We decided to mount the treehouse between 2 tall ash trees with floating brackets allowing the trees to move independently.

Up In The Trees

All the Family

With a complete overhaul of the garden and house, the parents wanted a treehouse to be nestled, quite high up in between 3 trees to give their girls, who were well versed in the art of climbing, a way to get higher in the trees rather more safely than their current free climbing afforded.

Imaginative Charm

All the Family

We were asked to create a treehouse - “to be a Squirrel Design Special” - that the children could climb in and around on, that would encourage them to play outside in the  beautiful rural garden , and that the adults could also enjoy.

Platform Fun

Tree Play

With 2 young girls who loved to climb. We were asked to create something in the tree where their Dad's own tree house creation had been. It was on it's last legs on our arrival for the site visit and looked too dangerous for us to climb up into.

Canopy Climb

Tree Play

We were asked to design a range of adventure platforms which would allow the children to safely expolre the fabulous beech tree in their garden. With special attention to improving the fine motor skills of their youngest.

Jungle Walkway


An extensive renovation was happening to the house and grounds, recently purchased by this busy family. The gardens included with them an extensive woodland area that in places was quite boggy underfoot, especially in the rainy months. The woodland had been unmanaged for years and they wanted to find a way to utilise this magical space.


Tree Play

We were asked to produce a quirky tree house design to amaze their 2 young girls with enough play equipment to keep them running around for hours and a fantastically long zip wire. The parents also wanted a large enough deck area to the back of the tree house to put a cople of chairs so the can catch the evening sun whilst their children race around.

…and not only treehouses

Posh Shed

Internally we used some interesting reclaimed timbers for the cupboards and some cork oak off cuts for the shelving, along with a beautiful rustic length of Cedar for the work surface.

River Bridge

Our client had a tree that had fallen across the river and been used as a means to cross for some time. But they were aware that it was rather unsafe when the river swelled during the winter months. We created this rustic design to fit in with the rolling meadows and allow their friends and family safe access to the other side.

Oak Steps

After building a tree house accommodation for this client they wanted their guests to be able to walk through the garden and be guided up the steep slope past the lake to their tree house. Built using heavy oak sleepers and adorned with decorative stone infill and polyhemp rope sides these steps gave just the right look and will really last the test of time.


Our client wanted a large dovecote to house a number of white doves. We created this design in keeping with our tree house style to sit atop their fishing lodge.

Acorn Platform

The client had a styled garden and wanted something different to sit in the corner of the children's section that not only looked wonderful but would give the kids a place to sit and play undercover. With the option to place a canvas door in the future to make it a cosy enclosed space.