Suffolk Jungle Bridge

  • Design and Proposal: 2 weeks
  • Preparation and Build: 1 week
  • Cost: £12,000


Family having recently located to a larger family house.


Having been recommended by a previous client, this family were looking for some adventure platforms amongst some mature trees on the edge of their lawn in view of the main house. They had active children, 1 girl and 1 boy. One of the children required help with motor skill development, so need challenging yet safe activity.

Design & build

Utilising the mature Oak and Beech trees we designed 2 platforms linked with a 6m Jungle bridge. From one platform we had a beautiful British Racing green slide to the lawn, challenging bespoke monkey bars and some Oak blocks curled around the tree up to the platform for a more adventurous climb up and down from the platform. The second platform accessed from the Jungle Bridge had a cover to it, with rustic bench and super fun Fireman’s pole to slide down – and Wibbly ladder to climb up and down. Cherished and loved from the moment we finished the build!