A Space for Camping and Adventure

``I think it’s the best tree house in the world. Favourite bit is the house… I can sleep in it at night.`` - F, 10yrs

  • Design and Proposal: 4 weeks
  • Planning Application: 8 weeks
  • Preparation and Build: 5 weeks
  • Cost: £28,000


Set in a conservation area, tucked into the woodland behind the client’s listed building, this tree house was created to offer this outdoors loving family an alternative camping and adventure space.


The family had been camping together for years and years, graduating from tent to yurt, and any other covered shelter possible. They came to us with a brief to create a tree house which they could all enjoy as an escape space, in which they could feasibly all camp out and which had adventurous features. Sited in an absolutely stunning conservation area it required careful design and planning.


Design & build

This project had to be designed to please not only the family but also the local council – planning permission was a necessity. We achieved both of these with our subtle and sensitive design of a large main tree house with covered balcony – under the wonderful tree canopy – and carefully positioned rope walkway to another series of tree platforms with a steep, fast slide. Following the design proposal stage, we helped the client through the planning process, and achieved full permission. As with all projects requiring permission, 8 weeks need to be allowed from submission of the planning application.

``Thank you – for designing and building the most wonderful tree house. It is a joy to look at and provides the most wondrful escape from the outside world for all members of the family and friends... The finish is subtle and professional… with thoughtful touches.`` - Mum & Dad, Glos