The Tree House on the Hill

  • Design and Proposal: 3 weeks
  • Preparation and Build: 5 weeks
  • Cost: £38,000
  • Background

    Our clients had a lovely woodland down the road from their property, in a small Hamlet on the edge of the Cotswolds. There was a steep incline to struggle on each day, but a journey to the top afforded the visitor a view through the canopy with a real feeling of height before even getting off the ground. We utilised this by placing the Tree house on the edge of the drop, with the main platform extending out over the hill.


    The tree house needed to be safe but exciting. An adventurous family all round, it needed to have the wow factor for the Adults and the fairytale dream for the children. With the height over the hill the first point is achieved, as you feel like you’re high above the world as you settle down on the platform to take in the sunset. And with all the play equipment for the kids set at sensible heights on the flatter ground you can relax knowing the children are safe on the high ropes or the death defying zip wire.

    Design & build

    A tree house on two levels. Natural rope climbs and swings. Slides and a zip wire all spread around a platform maze through the trees. If that isn’t enough there’s also an exciting rope bridge suspended at height. The main structure is built around a central trunk with further support coming from the surrounding trees, with bespoke brackets allowing for independent movement around the load.