Within the Castle Walls

  • Design and Proposal: 5 Weeks
  • Preparation and Build: 6 Weeks
  • Cost: £55,000
  • Background

    A beautiful listed mansion house that had been lovingly renovated apart from the last of the 4 walled triangles that flanked the Stately Home. This area had been designated for the children and our client wanted a unique play space ensconced within.


    We were tasked with creating a unique space with a Game of Thrones feel for their upcoming party. We took Castle Black as the theme and developed a concept around this that fitted neatly in to the space utilising walkways at different levels with viewing platforms a Castle on two levels and a Jail for the White  Walkers.

    Design & build

    They did not want this to be a static build as the two boys with a lot of energy would need plenty of activity to wear them out. We included 3 water bomb launchers mounted to the ramparts, along with an armoury store for their weapons, a jail with trap door escape through a dark tunnel to a drop down rope ladder escape. There is also a tall 3 sided ladder climb that takes you from the top level down to the climbing den below.