Woodland Home

  • Design and Proposal: 3 weeks
  • Preparation and Build: 3 weeks
  • Cost: £45k+


With the large house being rennovated the owner wanted somewhere in the woods he could escape with the kids
for simple meals and a sleep over.


A magical tree house to sleep family and guests when they want a bit of camping adventure in the comfort of their
own garden. All built in a single tree and with the trunk running right through the middle offering some natural
seperation for the sleeping and sitting areas. Fully insulated and double glazed; We included a wood burning stove with
2 hot plates for cooking sausages or heating up water for a nice cup of tea. with simple seating around this and a couple
of fold down single beds mounted to the wall on the other side. A perfect bolt hole for nights of wild camping and
morning mug of hot tea (or milk) sitting watching the wildlife waking with the sun.