Idyllic Retreat

  • Design and Proposal: 4 weeks
  • Preparation: 8 weeks
  • Build: 6 weeks
  • Cost: £50k+


The Lady of the house was keen to utilise the rather overgrown bottom of the garden so she could offer some
wonderful accommodation for friends and guests to enjoy.


We were asked to produce a stunning tree house design to sit atop the large chestnut stump, with enough space
for it to be a real addition to the house in the form of a comfy lounge area along with a low hanging mezannine
for a double bed.

The insulaton and internal finish were kept simple to give it a proper tree house feel with a large
bench seat/storage area to one wall. Wood burner, double glazed softwood windows and doors. an insulated floor
and a mezannine with large dormer window to make a fairly spacious 1 double bed accommodation.

The family also wanted a large enough deck area to the front of the tree house to put a couple of chairs so mum
could catch the sun, or pop down the winding stairs to the bench seat and have a relaxing swing.