Tree house magic

A quirky and irregular shaped tree house with interconnecting walkways

Design & Proposal
4 weeks

Preparation & Build
4 weeks

Cost Guideline


As is often the case, the parents of this active family were looking for a new way to entertain and introduce adventure – to keep their young daughters interested in the great outdoors.


Whilst the two girls were relatively young at the time of our briefing, the clients were very keen to make sure there was a strong element of challenge and adventure to this scheme:  it was not to be a structure that the girls found easy to use from the start, nor should they grow out of the treehouse within months – this should last through their teenage years and beyond.  We were asked to design a tree house with a difference – more irregular in its shape and had a hint of fantasy.

We all love our Squirrel Design Tree House – thank you so much. This project was carried out professionally and efficiently, and the girls love their own special space. A great adventure. Mr G, Staffs

Design & build

We designed a space both individual and practical, but were keen to maintain harmony with the surrounding natural environment. So whilst the tree house itself has irregular window shapes and lines, we created a look organically suited to the woodland area of the garden in which it was set. Waney edge boards, cedar shingles and sweet chestnut palings were used to balance the design, and all rope walkways and additional tree platforms matched into this. The scheme includes the main tree house with internal raised mezzanine, trap door and rope ladder, additional “hobbit” door, basket on a rope, with two rope walkways to further platforms – one of which is covered – with access via a two stage platform to one, and via a rope climbing net to the other.